A downloadable game

Hello !

I made this shooter for a GameJam.

It's just a poc for now, and i have several ideas to upgrade it.

- Language and Framework:

  • LUA / Love2D.

- Code and Graphisme: 

  • Code by me 
  • Graphisme , free from internet, but i would like to make my own soon

- Time passed:

  • 2 Days, including the intervention of my daughter's

- Other: 

I have to rework the code, because i learn a lot, my first wish was to made something playable before the dead line, For now it's just a amount of code without any logic and i have too many ideas to implement.

Have a good time !

Install instructions

it's a LUA/ Love2D project, but it should be OK to launch it without Lua on your computer.


Defoncator.zip 3 MB